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S$ 120 M

Annual Cost Savings

  • 100MW data center​
  • PUE drops from 1.7 to 1.35​
  • Electricity tariff of s$0.31/kwh

Cooling Power Reduction


0 %

Carbon Reduction

Which is equivalent annually to:
  • 11.5 x total trees in Singapore = 80.5m trees​
  • 1,257 x total trees in New York’s central park = 22.6m trees

Heat Removal Module Benefits

The KoolLogix Solution

Removing Heat and Recycling its Energy


  • High Power Rack Density Handling
  • Thermosiphon Concept
  • Refrigerant-Based System
  • Heat Removal before Cooling
  • Recycles Server Waste Heat


  • Improves PUE
  • Lower Cooling Energy Cost
  • Economizes Chilled Water Use
  • Increases Productivity
  • Water-free DC White Space

DC Cooling Solution Comparison

KoolLogix provides an array of close-coupled non-intrusive thermal extraction solution, and also able to throw the discharged cool discharge air for localized cooling.
Example: To Remove of 1MW of Heat Load in Data Center
Cooling Technology Calculated For 1MW Handling Energy Consumption
Room-Based Cooling 45.0 kW / Total
Row-Based Cooling 34.2 kW / Total
Rack-Based Cooling 21.0 kW / Total
KoolLogix System 7.5 kW / Total

KoolLogix is comparably more energy efficient system, ideal for many high-performance data centers to address energy efficiency and cooling effectiveness.

Look through our Data Center Heat Removal Projects.

Furthering our clients' ESG Goals

Global Colo DC

Upgrading of DC suite for Higher Power Density Handling

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HPC Data Center

Retrofitting of repurposed HPC deployment

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HPC Data Center 2

Optimisation of DC Hall

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The System Applied

Featured Project: ASPIRE 2A

The ASPIRE 2A changes everything with its 10 Petaflops of computing capacity, delivering an astounding eight times more power than the current national supercomputer, the ASPIRE 1.

This next-generation supercomputer augments and enables tools such as AI, deep machine learning and quantum computing – amplifying research in areas like weather and climate monitoring, genomic, engineering, offshore and marine, urban planning and biomedical science, and much more.

Visit our roadshow to get a sneak peek at the ASPIRE 2A, discover its key features and see how the new system can accelerate your research capabilities to exponential levels. You’ll also get to network with fellow members of Singapore’s HPC community and connect with potential project collaborators.

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