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A*STAR - SIMTech White Paper On Life Cycle Environmental and Cost Assessment of KoolLogix™ Passive Heat Removal Solution for Data Centres

Project Summary

The studies of this report evaluate the environmental and economic performance of KoolLogix (Passive Thermal Management) System in a 1.2 MW mid density data centre environment, referencing the design capacity from a real use case. The performance is compared with Row Cooling System, where both systems are considered close-coupled data center thermal management solution. Row Cooling System uses a forced convection (active) methodology, while KoolLogix Solution uses a natural convection (passive) methodology. The results of life cycle assessment which used for environmental performance show that majority of the carbon footprint is contributed during the operation stage (>98% in both thermal management systems), in comparison to production, sea transport, installation, and end-of-life stages based on per unit of heat to be cooled. Activities at the end-of-life stage such as refurbishment of steel material and reclamation of refrigerant for KoolLogix Solution, and recycling of metal scrap for Row Cooling System significantly offset the adverse impact from the production stage.

In terms of economic performance, the total cost saving for user who purchases KoolLogix Solution to cool their own server racks instead of choosing Row Cooling System is larger at the end of 20 years, and the floor area required is smaller for the same capacity

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